/copyskills not working?

I’m trying to test flying a freighter on Singularity. The character has all the necessary skills on Tranquility, and when I ran /copyskills the first time some skills were updated, but not all. Now when I run /copyskills it says “no skills needed to be updated” and the Advanced Spaceship Command V, Caldari Hauler and Caldari Freighter skills have not been copied over. I used skill points to train those skills if it makes a difference. Anyone else seeing this issue?

did you use a skill extractor on Sisi in the last 14 days?

No, I didn’t.

From Singularity Player Commands - EVE Community


This command compares your skills on Singularity with a daily snapshot of TQ and adds the missing skills and skill levels to Singularity.

Let me guess, you did the /copyskills command the first time and it correctly copied your skills. Then you injected skills on Tranquility and immediately tried to copy those skills to Singularity too?

The way the description of this command is worded, it seems to be based on a ‘daily snapshot of TQ’, so if you injected those skills recently (after the daily snapshot) you won’t be copying those skills over.

Try again tomorrow?

Hopefully it will be after the next TQ snapshot and copy your new Tranquility skills over!

Thank you very much for the response, I didn’t inject any skills between the times I used the /copyskills command. I thought the same thing, this happened yesterday and I tried it again this morning with the same result. The skills had actually completed training between 2 and 10 days ago. I think there’s a bug, but I’ll try another couple of times. Worst case I have to wait until the next mirror, but I suspect I’m not unique and others will see this problem as well…

No idea if those snapshots really happen daily and/or at a set time (I had not heard about them before I saw the link I just gave you). Might be worth trying a few more times over the coming days.

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FYI I just ran /copyskills again and the rest of the skills were copied over - Merry Christmas to me (and all of you)! Thanks again for the responses…

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