/copyskills not functioning propperly

I recently hopped onto singularity to test out a new and expensive fit before I actually bought it (ehem abyssal space RIP). I used the /copyskills command to retrieve my skills from tq, this gave a brief error I don’t remember and after waiting a bit and trying again, I got several skills granted to me but they weren’t even close to up to date. I tried again and got about 15 this time so I thought it was done however, I still didn’t receive all the skills I had/needed for the fit.

My understanding is that if you have logged in recently and had the skills trained (say within the last few days) those would be available (is this incorrect?) I have skills (namely cruise missiles) that required the skill I didn’t receive: missile launcher operation V so it should have been available. Then without knowing I didn’t have updated skills, I used an extractor/injector to train into some other things and am now locked from using the /copyskills command for 14 days. I’d just like to be able to test a fit using t2 heavy assault missile launchers, but cannot.

Is this a known issue? I submitted a ticket to CCP and we’ll see what happens…
Not sure if this was the right place to post this, but thanks in advance for any help

The test server is not supported. The GMs will simply refer you back here to the forums. If you need skills on the test server, simply buy PLEX - it’s seeded at 100 isk - sell it to buy orders at the closest hub and use the ISK to buy injectors. Note - this has no impact on your real wallet on TQ. You can use the same technique to buy faction/deadspace mods though I gather they will now be seeded.

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