Singularity: New mirror - March 2019

A new mirror from TQ has been deployed today, Thursday, 2019-03-21.
Skill points from the last 5+1 mass tests have been re-applied.
The test server rules are the same and the market seeding should also be the same.

Unrelated to the mirror, but FYI: The /moveme tool received a small improvement and uses buttons now instead of links (which could be dragged into chat channels and caused confusion sometimes). Please let me know if encounter any problems with it (well, best to write a bug report).

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CCP Habakuk,
Why never Skill points are applied to my 3 accounts when switching to a new mirror?
My 3 accounts always participate in all tests.
With the last test should be more than 10kk Skill points, but at the moment less than 1k )).

Can you make it stay open after you click on a location?

What would be the advantage of this?

Off the top of my head. Since people keep buying ALL of some items from the market…it would make it easier to bounce around looking for said items. What would be the disadvantage of this?

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

Is there no way to seed at least t2 filament’s on test server I have been farming for hours trying to get 3’s its a royal pain :confused: especially since frig spawns need 3 of those to even start, which ends in me dying horribly and needing to farm for another 5 hours to gather another 3x t3’s.

If my Account was on TQ on 3/21/19 would it be mirrored on Singularity if I were sign in today? I ask because I tried to sign in today and my Accounts were not mirrored? What am I doing wrong if Anything?

When I log into Test Server as this account it is having me create a new account on the test server. It also is not allowing me to Choose this accounts name in the Test server which must mean it is present. How Do I access this account is the password different in some way?

I can’t receive the verification code due to the mirror being of an older email address. They have been updated via GM’s for the new address, but they cannot do Singularity. They revert me to here, where the QA can update it to the new one.


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