New mirror for Singularity - 2017-11-08


A new mirror for Singularity is currently being prepared and will arrive within the next few days, possibly already tomorrow evening.

-CCP Habakuk


  • The mirror has been deployed and everything should be working again
  • The mirror was taken from TQ on the 6th of November
  • All Omega accounts have been extended by several months and PLEX are available to upgrade to Omega
  • Skill points for the last 5+1 mass tests have been re-applied.

I am hoping the mirror will correct the Steam login issue? I have been unable to login to singularity for a week. This is not a new account. When I select singularity as my server, I am asked to re-accept the EULA, sometimes the cancel and accept buttons are visible, sometimes they are not. When they are not visible you have to use the Tab key to make the accept button visible. Once the EULA is accepted a mis-sized username/password login screen is displayed. If you use the Tab key to move the selection, a steam icon labeled “other sign in service” is visible, but clicking the icon, or hitting enter while the icon is selected does nothing. middle clicking, or pressing Shift+Enter on the selected icon will bring up a new window with the Steam login, however logging into Steam in the new window, does not log me into the server. I received no response from the quality assurance team on my forum post, so I am not sure the team is aware of this problem, or if they just assumed my post was another new account that wasn’t included in the mirror, and ignored the post.

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We had several problems with our login server for Singularity within the last few days and I assume at least that the problems with Steam were related to this. Unfortunately I don’t know the latest details on those issues - I’ll try to follow up tomorrow.

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what new stuff will you guys be putting in after mirror? just wondering :stuck_out_tongue:

Grand Moff Tarkin1 y’all Rokh!

It’s happening. :wink:


@CCP_Habakuk, I am experiencing the same login problem using the CCP launcher, not steam. I dont believe this is a dedicated steam problem.

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is there any ETA for server back online? right now isis is down

is this new mirror in any way related to thunderdome ? i used to be able to login but cant anymore ?

The mirror has been deployed now and everything should be working again.
Skill points for the last 5+1 mass tests have been added to the participating characters.

It is not. Thunderdome is not owned by QA and does not fall under the definition of a test server.

When I login to test server my game client says “Acquiring bulk data xxx/184”.
I don’t remember seeing this before this mirror.
I’d like to know if this is a test server thing? I have a lot of toons, both alpha and omega. If this is introduced to Tranquility then relogging will be a real pain.

Clear cache

I’m having the exact same problem as Smilin Jay Gallentealt logging into the test server.

I posted this to support and they referred me here. (At the end is the message I posted to support).

Thanks to the advice here, I’ve just logged out of my accounts on both the normal server and the test server (including my normal one, and the weird numeric one steam puts in there for me that I have never used). And restarted the launcher. Now it starts up. The steam account is shown in the normal server login page but not my own, with seems good so far. Now I switch over to the Singularity test server. The steam account is there too. I added my normal account, entered the password, and it works! I’m logged in!!! Yaaay!

Thanks for the help. This confirms that the fix to not being able to log in works for me: log out of all your accounts on all servers, restart the launcher, then try again.

I can’t wait to see what’s up on the test server now! Thanks!

Followup: I looked into the mirror and there was this ugly dude staring back at me! But it turns out that was the wrong mirror: the one in the bathroom. My avatar is much more handsome.

My original message to support:

I can’t log into the singularity server.
When I switch to the singularity server, it presents a “License Agreement Update” dialog, which SOMETIMES but NOT ALWAYS has “DECLINE” and “ACCEPT” buttons.
In the case when there are no buttons, there’s nothing I can do and I’m stuck even before being able to enter my user name and password.
In the case where there are buttons, I press “ACCEPT” and it shows the login dialog.
The title says “EVE ONLINE” and “LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT” with a “USERNAME” field that fits on the screen and “PASSWORD” field that is cut off by the bottom of the dialog.
I enter my user name into the USERNAME FIELD, press tab to advance to the PASSWORD field, and it scrolls the title off the top edge of the dialog to show the full PASSWORD field, “Remember me?” checkbox, “LOG IN” button and “Forgot password?” link.
When I carefully check caps lock and enter my correct password, then press the LOG IN button, the dialog clears, and hangs.
Nothing else EVER happens after that. No error message. No success messages.
The empty gray login dialog box is left on the screen, it’s stuck there, and it won’t let me log in, no matter how long I wait.
I have attached a screen snapshot of the Eve launcher window with the empty login dialog box, after I entered my correct user name and password.
Thank you for your help!

V. 119352.2468 Steam. Beta Version. The problem appears to be fixed!!

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