New Singularity mirror 2020-06-26


A new mirror is being deployed to Singularity later today! I’ll update this post as soon as it has been done.


  • The mirror has been deployed now and Singularity is back online.
  • There has been one major change to the mirror preparation script: All assets in Upwell structure are now forced into Asset Safety. This is to reduce further intel leaks related to abandoned structures.
  • SP from last 6 mass tests have also been added.

I really appreciate you telling us about this - normally it is a mystery and a surprise.

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RIP all the shinny loots…

When i log in to Singularity, i just get a black screen after choosing my character> This is my first time logging in to Singularity, Should i just leave it to sort it self out or reset?

I managed to get in, but it just freezes after 5 min. Sometimes it loads sometime i have to repeat the log in process. Waited 3 months for the mirror not at all impressed.

That is because CCP is removing all Titans in the next patch.

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not showing anything in my asset safety

Same - Nothing in my Asset Safety Tab nor in Nearby NPC Stations that they would be sent to usually.

Why is my game on singularity freezing after around 5 min of play? i cant do anything as it crashes. i waited three months for the mirror and it ends up not working properly. Can this be fixed or do i have to wait for the next mirror for a possible fix?

Just tried using singularity, works absolutely fine and is very nice.