New Singularity mirror 2020-06-26


A new mirror is being deployed to Singularity later today! I’ll update this post as soon as it has been done.


  • The mirror has been deployed now and Singularity is back online.
  • There has been one major change to the mirror preparation script: All assets in Upwell structure are now forced into Asset Safety. This is to reduce further intel leaks related to abandoned structures.
  • SP from last 6 mass tests have also been added.

I really appreciate you telling us about this - normally it is a mystery and a surprise.

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RIP all the shinny loots…

When i log in to Singularity, i just get a black screen after choosing my character> This is my first time logging in to Singularity, Should i just leave it to sort it self out or reset?

I managed to get in, but it just freezes after 5 min. Sometimes it loads sometime i have to repeat the log in process. Waited 3 months for the mirror not at all impressed.

That is because CCP is removing all Titans in the next patch.

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not showing anything in my asset safety

Same - Nothing in my Asset Safety Tab nor in Nearby NPC Stations that they would be sent to usually.

Why is my game on singularity freezing after around 5 min of play? i cant do anything as it crashes. i waited three months for the mirror and it ends up not working properly. Can this be fixed or do i have to wait for the next mirror for a possible fix?

Just tried using singularity, works absolutely fine and is very nice.

So i had to go diggin to find the reason why all my assests were suddenly in a assest safety structure, so a little link to posts like these in the primary chat channel(s) would be appriciated .

Further more i would like to add that moving people’s assets from their home greatly reduces the usefullness of a test server, that is atleast in my opinion.

So my real question here is wouldn’t it have been more advantages to sisi to just have turned off the dropping of assets from citadels?

They cannot test the behavior of the mechanic against new code releases if it is turned off.

When is the next time I can log in to the SISI server?

The next mirror will probably come in late September or early October - they happen roughly every 3 months, though not on a specific schedule.

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Can The account I registered in August be logged in after the next mirror?

Any account created before the mirror should be able to be logged in

Generally, yes, any account that has been created before the date of the mirror will be included in the mirror process.

when is the next mirror


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When you stop asking