New Singularity mirror 2020-10-21


A new mirror is being deployed to Singularity later today! I’ll update this post as soon as it has been done and everything back online.

  • Singularity has now a new mirror, is updated and is back online.
  • SPs from the last few mass tests have been re-added.

hello how to test c3 wh anomalies? where i can find them on test server? i just relocated to wh c3 command /moveme but there are no anomalies here

You gotta find one the ones you can tp to where used to test pos’s I think or used for the new citidels

they don’t spawn anomalies you have to scan a wild one down

Yeah can you add tp so we can go anywhere

how long does it usually take ?

Hi, I am unable to connect to SISI is it because you are still conducting the mirror inputs?

It is back online. All good

Hooray… after 4 month as returnee and 6 years in total, I got access again on singularity ! :wink:

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I know all of you recently asked about this. New mirror has completed, so you should be able to log in to the Singularity server now.


i should have created a new account for testing yesterday -,-
Thought the mirrow would be annonced like 1 day ahead or so :frowning:

Unlucky i guess

Can you fix the sotiyo and give it a fit its takes 3 months to build titans

42 days to build a Vendetta F

Why do you need a new account for testing?

Testing how many Omegas my PC could handle at the same time.
Test incursion multiboxing and see if it is something i actually like.
Investing 20b in something like that and then it doesnt work like expected would suck.

Ah, so you don’t already have the number of accounts you wanted to test with? That’s a bummer. Though I hear multiboxing incursions is rough past 2-3 accounts.

booststandings command, not give triglavian or edencom standing, this is error?

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^ Should /booststandings be useable for the new factions, so players can test in Pochven/avoid issues moving around in invaded space, or is this a deliberate restriction?

Shame ALL null assets in asset safety. Makes mirror near useless.

For the next 10-11 days you can just deliver them straight back to the structure they were originally in

It’s a preventative vs Sisi scouting of structures as they abandon due to nobody having a reason to fuel them on Sisi. If you want your assets back in place, use the mechanics for that before they are actually transported to low sec.

Omg thanks so much , I literally just came here to find out :slight_smile:

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