New Singularity mirror 2020-06-26

Does the New Mirror user have to be an Omega?

Same question?Are there any requirements?

All accounts are mirrored regardless of clone state.

You can add Omega state for a small amoubt of ISK on the Sisi server. PLEX is made available in-game for 100 isk each from NPC market sellers; for 50,000 (100 * 500) isk you can buy an Omega certificate from the Sisi New Eden Store.

Note that between mirror dates, no new activity from the production server (TQ/Tranquility) is carried over to Sisi, with the exception of being able to use the /copyskills command to refresh trained skills. Also, not every item in the game is available from NPCs - you will still have to manufacture certain items if you want them for testing.


Buying PLEX on the market does not currently add it to your vault. Not sure if that’s intentional or a bug.

Please report any issues via a bug report while logged in to the Sisi server. Preferably from the character that had the issue.