Singularity: New mirror - September 2018


(CCP Habakuk) #1


A new mirror for Singularity is being prepared for next week. We are currently aiming for Tuesday, but this can easily change.

We are currently not planning any changes to rules or setup with this mirror.

Edit: The mirror has happened today. Skill points for the last 5 mass test (+1 play test) have been re-applied. Everything should work again, as far as I can tell.

Why can't i account login on test server
(Orny) #2

Great, tku CCP Habakuk

(Amak Boma) #3

will faction/deadspace items continue to be seeded?

will skill injectors get removed from market?

(Saleb Inkunen) #4

This should answer your question ^^

(Marcus Gideon) #5

Any chances you’ll be disabling 2FA on this go around, so the players who took your advice and protected their TQ accts, can still have a chance to log into Sisi?

(Amak Boma) #6

first how to login to sisi with no ability to put login/password. just button to new login screen ok i put details but notthing happens after that,simply window freezes

(CCP Claymore) #7

Gonna need a bug report with launcher logs please.

You can find your launcher logs through Launcher Menu -> Show In Explorer -> Launcher Logs.

(CCP Claymore) #8

No, we will not be doing this.

However I have setup to be able to investigate this issue once we get the new mirror. Hopefully we can resolve this issue finally.

Apologies for the inconvenience this has been causing on Singularity.

(Amak Boma) #9

issue is simple, after launcher htis update i have to close it and reopen,the reopen does not happen it asks for some dll file that appears to be missing… i have said dll file but then it asks for another and another.

i cant have any logs since launcher is not ever opening,just error message saying about missing file. thats all

(elitatwo) #10

I hope the new mirror also fixes this terrible sound bug. Screaaaaaaaakkkkk

(CCP Claymore) #11

Not something I can comment on as I do not work in the audio team.

If you have not already, then a bug report to them would be great.

(elitatwo) #12

No worries, I always do and did 3 times now.

(CCP Habakuk) #13

This is happening now. Sorry for being faster than the estimate :slight_smile:

(Amak Boma) #14

how long takes mirroring process

(Luscius Uta) #15

and I haven’t even lost my super yet :frowning:

(CCP Habakuk) #16

The mirror has been successfully applied. The DB was copied from TQ on 2018-09-14 (early morning).

Skill points for the last 5 mass tests (+1 play test) have been reapplied.

(Einar Matveinen) #17

I deactivated two factor authentication months ago and when i try to login into sisi i’ve TFA active yet. How can i deactivate TFA forever on Sisi?.

(Sergius Wild) #18

Can you dont erase oll progres in singularity?!

(elitatwo) #19

I have a question, does the fitting screen pull the estimated fitting price tags from TQ again?

(CCP Habakuk) #20

It uses whatever data is in market history - so in this case mostly data from TQ.