New mirror on Singularity 2017-08-18


Singularity has just received a new database mirror! 2017-01-18

Important: Next week we will very likely start a test where we will switch between two different DBs to test different features. Both will be based on this new mirror snapshot (but I am not sure yet if the 2nd DB will be a complete new start from the snapshot or if we copy the DB early next week). For now it is just important that you might “lose” your progress on Singularity depending on which DB is active at a given time.
We will post more information about this as soon as we get closer to this.

Other info about this mirror:

  • The snapshot for this mirror was taken from TQ on Wednesday, 2017-08-16, early morning
  • SP from mass tests will be applied later today - this has happened now
  • All Omega accounts have been extended by 3 months

With small injectors seeded and given how the next few weeks may play out with DB switching you may want to consider just giving everyone all 5s or seeding large injectors until the switch happens

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Might as well give all 5’s

So - sorry about this small incident with small skill injectors. They should not have been 100-isk seeded on the market at all. Whoever bought them en-masse and used them should have known that this is too good to be true.
I nuked them now from the market and where possible also from other places. Whoever used them to mass-inject skills might have all skills removed now. Please use /copyskills to get your skills back. If you still have any skill injectors left: Please trash them. I will not hesitate to nuke more skills if there are further abuses. :rage:

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Will I lose my corp or my vehement? I don’t want my skills that I ejected to be lost, if you go the beginning way, or would I keep the skills I currently have?

Yeah, cool, we paid subscription to CCP more than price of a AAA game and they still wouldn’t let us fly freely with full skills on a test server with only t2 modules.

I guess that is MMO am I right.

Even on a test server you gotta work for something somehow, Money Drives this world and without it you wouldn’t get such a lovely MMO that’s survived for years without end

Plus Test server is great for learning to form community and fleets, so in a way you learn the basics of FCing, and alot of other lessons you can use on TQ

Personally i hope they copy the current mirror but CCP being CCP love surprising us and i love their surprises haha, o7

After applying the last mirror to the singularity, my skill points (reward for participating in mass tests) disappeared.
I participated in three precisely, perhaps in four mass tests.
Will my skill points (SP) be restored?

@Dezarro: Were these mass test in the last 2-3 months? Only rewards from the last 5 mass tests are being reapplied). This mirror the skill points from following 5+1 (one was a very small mass test) mass tests were re-applied: July 4th, June 27th, June 6th. May 23rd, May 4th, May 2nd

CCP Habakuk: Yes, I was in these last tests for sure.
Mass Test on Singularity: Tuesday, 23rd May @ 1700 UTC

Strange, more than two links can not be done in one message)))

Mass Test on Singularity: Tuesday, 6th June @ 17:00 UTC
Mass Test on Singularity: Tuesday, 27th June @ 17:00 UTC

And today I plan to be on Massentest am 24. August um 17:00 Uhr

I checked my lists and you should have indeed 6M skill points from those tests. I applied those missing SP now and will have a look into why this might have been missed.

Edit: Apparently I missed a list of 85 characters due to errors when trying to apply the skill points last week. This should be all fixed now.

CCP Habakuk: Thank so much.

Hi. How can i reset password to sisi? activated account in september on main server, changed password. now can’t log in to sisi.

BUG: The password reset link in the launcher during login fails (cannot connect to the server).

Furthermore can i not login on Singlulartiy because my account credentials are rejected (although i successfully logged in about 1-2 months ago).

I’m having the same issue, cant log in, and pw reset is refused.

Also a problem for me. Came back to the game recently and had to reset my password. Old forgotten password is still on sisi and I’ve got no way to fix this.

Habakuk- how can I get my acct upgrades to omega, ib Sisi? it is on trank, but, not here

plex are 100 isk each on Sisi. just do an upgrade like normal.

thanks, never thought of that