Requesting access to SISI :(

Hello o/

I cancel my authentificator a few months ago, the new mirror is apparently live?

I still can’t connect to SISI so is there any solution or could you delete the authentificator in my two accounts?

Thank you for your time.

Pilots concerned:
Cooper Meghezi
Cooper Shi

Fly safe o/

Afaik you may have to wait until next mirror.

New mirror is live from a few days and it’s been probably 6 months since I deleted the authentificator.

Same problem… Disabled it on TQ about 4 month ago, and it still active on SISI.

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@CCP :blush:


I really want to train my JF on SISI before live :stuck_out_tongue:

(trying to get that thread to the top again haha)

Also, (iirc) ccp doesnt do activations anymore.

Yeah, I’m aware of that but 6 months whiteout authenticatior, new mirror hit and account still lock.

I just wonder if next mirror will do the trick or if my SISI access is permanently lock.

Cheers o/

Meh :frowning:

I’ve been in the same boat for quite a while as well. If you file any type of Support Ticket, you get a cookie cutter reply saying that none of the folks there are responsible for Sisi support. And they recommend making a post over here, just like this.

And just like all those other posts, nobody from Sisi Support ever replies.

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Yeah, that’s the situation. And I really want to test my JF in SISI before so… snif snif

Yea, same boat here. Been a couple of months since 2FA was disabled on Tranquility, but still enabled on Sisi and same cookie cutter response from Support.

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Hey folks, just a note to say that we have an open defect in our system for this issue, but I have nothing for you in terms of timeframe.

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Thank a lot for the answer. Glad to hear that you are aware of that problem.

Fly safe and continue the good work o/

server status here in north america looks like it is down???



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