Impossible de login to SISI for more than a year

Hello o/

I cancel my authentificator more than a year ago, the multiple new mirrors are apparently live.

I still can’t connect to SISI so is there any solution or could you delete the authenticator in my two accounts?

Thank you for your time.

Pilots concerned:
Cooper Meghezi
Cooper Shi

Fly safe o/

A couple days ago, I logged a character into sisi and was sent a code by email. Did you check there?

It still ask for an authenticator that I don’t have anymore.

First of all: Don’t remove your authenticator from your account just because you cant log in to the test server :open_mouth:

That sounds like the worst idea ever.
You can bypass 2FA on Sisi though:

Simply click on the server list in the launcher menu and then select "Play on Singularity.
Log in there and you should be able to log in

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I removed the authenticator because I don’t have it anymore not because I couldn’t log into SISI.

When I do that, I get an “incorrect build” error.

Can you really login like that if there is an authenticator link to the account? Seem to loose the purpose. I just think we shouldn’t need an authenticator for sisi even if you have one in TQ.

If you get an incorrect build error then your game isnt up to date.
restart your launcher, switch to sisi, wait until patching is done and then log in the way i posted.
I have an authenticator on my account and I can bypass it that way (Works only for Sisi)

Alright, thank you. I’ll try

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