Old Authenticator

I apparently have an old authenticator attached to this account. Can I get someone to clear it so I can test using account?

Me either. Just tried to login to SISI, somehow I’ve realised what password i had in past so I was able to login but the AUTH code that has been sent to my e-mail simply didn’t worked, is there any way to bypass it or turn it off for SISI? How I can access test server if auth is not valid?

i have the same issue as OP would love it if it could be fixed thank you in advance

Hi. I too can not log into the Singularity Test Server because it asks for an authenticator code. Please help. Thank you.

pls tell me are you fix poroblem bcz me email its hacked and every me authenticator code i got is wrong pls can you tell me how to fix this !

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