Can't login to SiSi

(Moozh Vozmozhno) #1

I’m unable to login to SiSi because it asks for an authenticator code, but I removed an authenticator from my account about 5-6 months ago. How can I remove the authenticator from my account on SiSi? Has it been that long since the last mirror?

Dear DEVs please read this!
(Moozh Vozmozhno) #2

Bump. Still having this problem.

(Amak Boma) #3

sisi is on update roll now as it appears.

(Callius Nalelmir) #4

I’m having the same issue

(JackWatts) #5

I have a similar problem. Except I changed my authenticator token some time ago so Singularity doesn’t recognize my current live server authenticator code. Problem is it no longer gives me the option to ask for a code through email as that would still work just fine for me… Would love some kind of solution for this other than “Wait for a mirror”. I am fairly certain there has been at least one mirror since I’ve done this change.

(Star Buck2) #6

I have this problem too, would be good to help out again but I cannot connect due to the authentication process.

Help me to help you :slight_smile:

(Claudia Tawate) #7

Hi i have tryed to log in with my tq login / pw multible times ervery time Invalid username / password
i also changes my pw … same result

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