Dear DEVs please read this!

Dear Devs,
as you can see in this Forum the 2-Factor-Auth is making big trouble on Singularity.
I for example am unable to log in since at least six months.


Many people turned 2FA on for security reasons and those who wish to keep it, or those who did not turn it off at a “not comunicated date” can’t use Sissi.

YOU dear Devs ask as many people as possible to join the Mass tests. But a large portion of the people who would want to participate are simply locked out due to 2-f-a.

Please find a solution for this problem as soon as possible or at least show us that you are working on this Issue.

What you did do so far (and what the support did regarding this problem) is like you would just tell us:
“Leave us alone and mind your own problems!”

Thx in Advance


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Naming your thread “devs read this!” or similar is a great way to not get them to read it.

2FA was never forced upon anyone - you simply had to verify your email address.

Anyway, have you tried filing a bug report?

Yes I have, and I wrote a Ticket and Contacted GMs ingame.
All answer I recieved so far was negative.
I do not write this because of no reason and of course tried multiple ways.

And as far as I remember I had to use 2FA in the process of verification.
But maybe I’m wrong.

Assuming that they read the forums. :smirk:

Exactly. Better post on Reddit and Twitter :wink:

i have at no point ever used or been forced to use 2fa…

Okay, Edited out. Was sure I had to activate it 2 years ago.

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