2-Factor-Authentication prevents login to Sisi


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When i try to login to Sisi with an account that has 2FA enabled i get asked for the Code, as it should be.
But sadly the launcher rejects all the 2FA codes that i hand to it, even tho the account is marked to be remembered for both, password and 2FA on this computer on Tq.
IIRC there was a link to send those codes via email anyway, but that hole seems to be patched…

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Edit: those accounts were/still are subbed for 2 years+ so the subscription state shouldnt be an issue…

2 Factor Authentication for Singularity
(Maddy Sokarad) #2

Seems like this has been an issue for a while… I haven’t been able to log in for months now, never lapsed into Alpha status either. Was hoping the most recent mirror would’ve fixed it but it didn’t… oh well…

(Jojomagroo Krividus) #3

I’m having this issue as well. Missed two cap training sessions due to this.

(Sarah McCyno) #4

you need to wait next mirror, last was on feb. I think we will need to wait long time.
cause on last event they given couple of sp.

(Maddy Sokarad) #5

I get the whole mirror thing but I’ve been having this issue since Sept/Oct. If the last mirror was in Feb that clearly doesn’t fix the issue.

Has there been any dev input about this?

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