Launcher error when trying to log in to sisi

Originally submitted as a ticket, just received a response today stating I should have posted here. (Sigh)
Jun 9, 2020, 5:14 PM UTC

Today’s Mass test I was unable to log into, When I would log in there was a problem with authentication and I needed to add account to fix.

When I added the account and supplied the 2fa email code the launcher would crash.

This process is repeatable.

Common problem.

I’ve been doing some testing on Sisi for a week or 2 but yesterday I got the above, anyone got any ideas?

Delete your acct from sisi and then relog the acct. That should fix it.

Fix: I went into settings for the account, decided to leave it for now, on exiting account settings the errors cleared.

Looks like they’ve done a copy back which was untimely for me, urgh :frowning:

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