2 Factor Authentication for Singularity

These are just a few examples of the many threads out there complaining about the inability to log into Sisi if you’re using 2FA. In most cases, the threads are ignored by official representatives. And if you file a trouble ticket, you’re told that your only means of getting a resolution is to make a forum post just like these… and watch it get ignored as well.

What is the deal?

Why should we bother using 2FA if it’s going to prevent us from getting into Sisi? Why offer it, if you can’t support it. I get it, it’s time synced, and the timing is off between TQ and the Sisi clone. So here’s an idea… turn it off. Disable 2FA for all accounts on Sisi. Leave it enabled for TQ and the website since that’s where account security really matters. But if you can’t make it work right when you mirror Sisi, then turn the ■■■■ off so we can get in.

Otherwise, the only way to make sure you can get onto Sisi is to avoid using 2FA in general.

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Anybody? Bueller?

I know for a fact I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. And the solution is NOT for the Devs to remain silent and let players decide between 2FA [or] being able to get into the other test servers.

I am using 2FA (Google Authenticator) on all accounts and have no problem logging in to SISI. If you were setup for Authenticator before the last mirror (February) it should work. If not, it should work after the next mirror - expected this week.

2FA is turned on since at least two years now. Aaaaand: NOPE, no Sisi for me.
C’mon CCP…

2FA had been working for me up until the August patch earlier this week. With that patch, I went to log into SISI again and found that my authentication could not be refreshed, I had to log in again and while 2FA works fine on TQ and here on the website (SSO for the win)… SISI declares all a code mismatch.

As others have said – either make 2FA work on SISI or disable it on SISI. It’s not like my TQ account can be damaged by anything done on SISI.

2FA is preventing me to log into Sisi for several months, maybe all this year…

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Yep, im stil having the issue quoted by op, just tried to reinstall eve but it didnt help…

CCPlease any help?!

Last Friday I logged on to Duality for the abyssal trials and I had an authenticator mismatch but low and behold, my inbox on my email account got a message with the right code, which a entered and viloá, I am now logged on duality with 2FA on.

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