Can't log into Sisi


i can’t log into Singularity, i’ve activated two factor authentication and codes doesn’t match when i try to log into Sisi. I can log into TQ without any problem. Is there any solution?.


Is there any way of logging into Sisi when two factor authentication is active?.

I’d like to know as well. My cell phone died, so I got a new one, which means a new App for 2FA. Now Sisi won’t let me on b/c it’s expecting the old codes from the old App.

What do?

Afaik there is currently no way to log into SISI with 2FA enabled

sisi is offline again. it was vip mode and went off. new mirror is being applied?

Then why bother having 2FA enabled for TQ, if Sisi is just a clone of TQ, and 2FA breaks on Sisi?

The only way to play on Sisi is to avoid using 2FA on TQ ?

Thanks for the answer. This 2FA seems designed with an “anti 2FA” feature…

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