Can't log into Sisi

(Einar Matveinen) #1


i can’t log into Singularity, i’ve activated two factor authentication and codes doesn’t match when i try to log into Sisi. I can log into TQ without any problem. Is there any solution?.


(Einar Matveinen) #2

Is there any way of logging into Sisi when two factor authentication is active?.

(Marcus Gideon) #3

I’d like to know as well. My cell phone died, so I got a new one, which means a new App for 2FA. Now Sisi won’t let me on b/c it’s expecting the old codes from the old App.

What do?

(Mirsa Attor) #4

Afaik there is currently no way to log into SISI with 2FA enabled

(Amak Boma) #5

sisi is offline again. it was vip mode and went off. new mirror is being applied?

(Marcus Gideon) #6

Then why bother having 2FA enabled for TQ, if Sisi is just a clone of TQ, and 2FA breaks on Sisi?

The only way to play on Sisi is to avoid using 2FA on TQ ?

(Einar Matveinen) #7

Thanks for the answer. This 2FA seems designed with an “anti 2FA” feature…

(system) #8

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