Unable to login to Test Server (not a steam user!)

So I’m creating this post only because Technical support won’t do $h!t about this issue (and still won’t even with this post), even tho the server works for the several hundred people that tend to use it. Fairly sure I haven’t been able to login for two years (18 month break in between this duration). Having resubbed just a month or so ago, perhaps that’s the issue giving it was mirrored at the start of June. Research suggests this should be ok however.

EDIT The exact issue that occurs.

I attempt to login, there is no option to add account after having selected Singularity as the server I want to connect to. I then click login, fill in the details, I get prompted for my 2FA, the 2FA is then apparently incorrect. EDIT: if my 2FA didn’t work I wouldn’t be able to create this post.

Throw your solutions at me.

Deactivate 2FA.

There are posts going back years (months at least) of people with 2FA active on their accounts being unable to access SISI.


Found the issue,

I can’t read.

Just because it was a very similar screen to 2FA, doesn’t mean it was asking for it. it was asking for a generic verification code send to my email.

I plebbed.

It happens. Glad you could get in.

A note about GM support and Singularity: most GMs do not have elevated access on Singularity, so they literally cannot do anything there - pair that with Sisi being a test server and not the actual product CCP is selling, and quite understandably, volunteer staff are told to spend their time supporting the actual product (TQ), not the test region.

Can it be frustrating to have Sisi issues? Yes. But please don’t take it out on the folks trying to keep TQ running properly for everyone.


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