Cannot Login - 2FA Auth token not accepted


(Sorin Orii) #1

Subject line, basically. Can’t login to Sisi because my accounts are all 2FA and the SiSi login wont accept current tokens. What’s up w/that?

(Ruben RIbnick) #2

Your not alone my friend. CCP cannot NOT know about this. SO many posts about this very same issue.

(Ruben RIbnick) #3

Posting to keep this thread alive, issue persists, CCP have not replied, no progress and no expectation of a resolution. GM Whiskey advised me to post in the forum, I am doing (for what it’s worth pthhh)

(Sorin Orii) #4

Bump for life :slight_smile:

(1337 Devine) #5

Can not log in with steam accounts , can not log in with new launcher . I also added 2FA and now it is broken

(Trixsi Tue) #6

can’t log in cause authentificator is not accepted plz fixthe bug

(Trebor Resik) #7

I have been trying to get the Token business looked into myself. It has taken me since the release to come to the conclusion that Tokens are why I can log into test servers but not Tranquility. Still waiting for a Dev. to take pity on me, I guess. Hope you all have fared better.

(Mara Skye) #8

Can confirm I’m having the same issue also.

(NaCl Extractor) #9

I even deactivated tfa on all my accounts some months before last mirror, but it was still active this mirror. Making support ticket didnt help at all, no idea what else to do. If they at least make it possible to extract the characters even if you dont log from client but server list, that would be great. We also used to get mails if codes for tfa mismatched on sisi, that mail is no longer there either.

(NaCl Extractor) #10

@CCP_Habakuk any idea how to fix this please? Had the issue, the last 1-2 years on all my main accounts with tfa