Disabling 2FA

It seems like lots of people have this issue, but I was told by support to post my issue here and the QA department should be able to help… 2FA was disabled on my account February 12th 2018. However when trying to log into SiSi, it still asks for a code. I am also told that you need to wait for a mirror to happen, then SiSi will reflect 2FA being disabled. Has there been a mirror since Feb 12th 2018?

Last mirror was Feb 20 but the TQ snapshot will have been taken a week or so prior to that. Expect the next one in the May/June time frame - hopefully we’ll get one before the expansion.

I would not be surprised if they mirror again with the Into the Abyss expansion push. CCP typically likes to wipe the slate (sisi) clean prior to large expansions.

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