How do I disable the authenticator for Singularity login?

I came back to EVE in January after about eight years away. Customer support had no problem immediately disabling the two-factor authentication for Tranquility, but it’s still active when I try to login to Singularity. I thought it might just go away after the latest mirror but no luck.

I put in a ticket some time ago and GM Meeseeks referred me here to the Test Server Feedback sections of the forums.

Any thoughts from anyone?

Pretty sure the test server has been locked from general public use for quite some time now.

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Well, alrighty then. Thanks.

Maybe a dev will chime in here. As far as I know, it’s only open for stress testing on occasion when they change something.

I assumed the problem was me, of course, but the more I read up it looks like you’re correct, Sisi has been closed to players for a while.

That’s a bummer. I appreciate your help!

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Yep, only for mass testing is sisi open. And if you log in for anything other than testing, ccp has been known to boot ppl from sisi

Yeah, it sucks. You could use capital ships in high sec on the test server. I used to fight the Caldari Navy faction police in dreadnaughts and carriers. Good times.