Connection Failed 'The cluster is not accepting connections'

I have been getting this error message for a couple of days, it happened after I had successfully completed my first T6 gamma run, so I think this could be life just being hard. I have been trying to google this issue but couldn’t find anything, what steps could I take to rectify this issue.
Thank you

Regards Cav Funk

This means the test server is not open for use currently, it likely will re-open after the major release next week.

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Hello! I can’t log on to the test server for 3 days in a row. Writes that the format of the authentication token received from the launcher is incorrect. Try again or contact EVE support. And constantly the server status: connections are not accepted. Do I just have to wait too? What to do. I am grateful in advance.

So its either

  1. You dont have access due to new char created after 2/27/23
  2. You changed your password on TQ and therefore lost access to SiSi.
  3. SiSi is down possibly because they are in the process of mirroring it.

Thank you for the reply, I couldn’t find any info about the possible update, is there any info from CCP on when we will have access again.

Tomorrow is the Viridian Expansion and CCP posted here with the patch notes BEFORE the patch dropped

Still not accepting connections even after the expansion dropped.
When can I expect the sigularity server to function?

they could also be in the process of mirroring SiSi which takes several days.

I see. Then it would be up in 1-3 days I guess.

possibly. or they could decide to only limit access to SiSi.


Singularity indeed has been in VIP mode since Friday. We’re still using Singularity to test a few things internally, but it should be back up this week.


How about mirroring it since Feb was the last mirror?

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iv been waiting on this as well

Hello! I can’t log on to the test server ,I can’t receive the verification code in my current email,Please help me correct it.

Can we get an update on if singularity status being online but not accepoting connections is intended and the reasons please? been a while and no explanation or update from CCP.


Did you not read ccp swifts post above? Its been in VIP mode so they can do internal testing

CCP, please note us when Sisi will come back. We miss it…


Hi, is the test server still not available? Same error when trying to log in

We have seen CCP response, regardless we would like an update as it has been quiet for almost two weeks.
What about making it public for weekend 23-25th? You lads and gals not working on weekend anyway.

Personaly I was expecting to do eve “events” on si for 20+ people that weekend.

A 9 Day old reply stating it should be back open “This Week”…

I guess that’s like saying “Free food Tomorrow” everyday.