Singularity: New mirror and rule changes - June 2018


A new mirror has arrived on Singularity and the changes to the test server rules and the combat system are in effect now.

Details about the mirror:

  • Taken from TQ on Wednesday, June 6th, early morning
  • Skill points from mass tests within 24 hours were applied on Tuesday.
  • New chat channels from TQ have NOT been mirrored

Changes to the combat system
As discussed in this forum thread, the combat system and the setup of this system has changed:

  • The new system is M-OEE8 (it is fully replacing 6-CZ49)
  • Both a Keepstar and a Sotiyo are placed in this system, both owned by CCP and open to everybody.
  • CCP has claimed Sovereignty in M-OEE8, making it possible to build super capitals in the Sotiyo
  • Both structures have a 100 isk seeded market
  • Faction modules are now also seeded on the market (edit: deadspace modules were added on Wednesday)
  • /moveme has been adapted (add M-OEE8 and removed 6-CZ49)
  • /copyships has been disabled (as it is hardcoded to 6-CZ49 and it was abused quite heavily)

Rule changes

The main rule change is the removal of the rule against fighting at the station - this is replaced by the tethering feature of Upwell structures. We took the opportunity and removed outpost related rules and also updated several other rules slightly.

Following are the new rules for Singularity and Duality (modified parts are in italics):


Welp Rip the Sisi market with no more injectors being able to be had

RIP SiSi for testing serious fits (no deadspace).


Mogul Financial welcomes CCP’s entrance to the public supercapital scene. Seems a bit of a punch to anchor in our current system (M-OEE8), but we can see the appeal of moving into an established area. In Yeti we trust!

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Would you consider seeding Deadspace modules as well for testing purposes?


WTB Thunderdome…


Make anchoring quicker. Trying to see how faction citadels w/ or w/o factions rigs compare to engineering complexes.

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Might aswell seed Skill injectors while there at it


Copyships “abused” yet you’re adding a market seeded sotiyo with sov… welcome to the supercap server!

**also, wspace bros are screwed now with deadspace testing with no /copyships…

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Amazing, so seeing that nobody obeyed the no fighting on the undock rule anyway… Lets just get rid of it! Might aswell legalise gila bots next!

It’s called tether :slight_smile:

Can you allow Deadspace mods once and for all.



Yeah for real, when is that finally happening?


I’m pretty disappointed about the lack of deadspace modules still - as is, a lot of the actual testing I do on SISI concerns fits that’re too expensive for me to just try out on TQ immediately - and with the removal of copyships, I have no way to do that at all anymore.


“So, /copyships was being abused”
“Better allow them to build mass supers on the test server”


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As others have said here, it seems like a bit of an oversight that you’d add faction but not deadspace modules to the market. I’m sure a lot of people are like me in that they’re either flying T2 fit whatever, or they’re going all out on deadspace stuff - and now we have no way to test that with the removal of /copyships.

Would be much appreciated if we can get deadspace items seeded as well.

Also, is there any measure in place to avoid M-O looking like 6-CZ after a few weeks, with hundreds upon hundreds of citadels spammed across the system?


In my opinion this is some serious mess there…
Disabling copyships and putting the “combat” system to M-O for some reason is just the tip.
There will be mass super production on a whole other level than now and then
Introducing faction but not deadspace modules is just a weird decision in my opinion too.

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inb4 everyone buys out all the Super blueprints and building components to try and prevent people from building supers (if it hasn’t already happened)

mr. Era’Kanath era_kanath, if ccp gave into redeem system limited amount of capital component parts to build max 10 supers/titans and not seed components would be also not terrible idea,eventually adjusting theamount of components to make it smoother but not spam system with supers and titans.