Plan for next mirror for Singularity


While we have not decided yet on any details, we are currently planning, that the next mirror for Singularity will arrive in about two weeks, with the highest likelihood either on Tuesday, the 20th, or Wednesday the 21st February - but everything is subject to change. :sunglasses:

The new mirror is now live on Singularity. Skillpoints from the last 5 (+1) mass tests have been re-applied.

Everything should work again, as far as I can tell.
The mirror was taken from TQ on Sunday morning.

Note: We are currently planning rule changes for Singularity, which will probably go active in 1-2 months. This might also include changing the main combat system from 6-CZ49 to another system, but this has not been decided yet. I will post more about these planned changes later, with enough time to give feedback. I am just mentioning it now as warning that changes might happen while this mirror is active.

-CCP Habakuk


so two weeks +/- few days if minus perhaps 10-12 days?

please refresh wormhole moveme list to do this.
delete current wormhole list and

add c13 frig system
add drifter hole
add c2 hs c4 wormhole or c2 lowsec c2 static
add c3 low static
give us c4 wormhole with c2 and c4 static for best scanning chance
c5 static c5
c6 static c6
keep thera on moveme list

usually wormholes are empty after mirror few days and scanning the chains takes longer and not always give any result. current wormhole moveme is obsolete

What’s a mirror ?

Does the unused skill point be mirrored?

It’s a copy of tranquility server for the test server SISI.

If I’m sitting in my titan will that mirror? I have several things to test on it

If you are sitting in titan on tq, you can already try it out or you ask your titan pilot buddies about it.

I guess it’s time to get the supers out and take some more risks. :smiley:
Any masstest between now and next mirror planed?

today does not allow Problems with the entrance to the singularity 10.02 2018

…supers out and have zero risk…

No worries, I fixed that for accuracy. You are welcome.

Can someone tell me the time that the system will close for about 10 minutes?
Is that UTC 9:00 or 10:00

and one day you might even start playing the game
good progress

FYI: The new mirror is still scheduled for deployment within the next two days, quite likely tomorrow.

What’s the rules with supercarriers coping over? As in will mine copy over if im not in it?

Basically everything (including supercarriers) will be copied over in a DB mirror - well, except if it is stored in a capital maintenance array as POS structures are deleted in a mirror.

From which day will the snapshot be?

From yesterday, Sunday.

Thanks for keeping us updated. Can’t wait for the mirror to hit. :slight_smile:

what time is it updated, same time as TQ DT?

Hi, please direct me, who should I contact for Singularity account activation, I couldn’t connect simply with my Tranquillity account details. Thanks.