Any ETA on next mirror?

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from the ccp post you can get clue that up to very few days from now or so

Does this mean that I will be able to log-on to the test server using my existing TQ login, or do I have to re-register on the test server ?

yes you will be able to login. just use TQ login and password on singularity

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Depending for what you are waiting on the mirror for, you might be able to take care of some items yourself using the slash commands:

This will let you get updates for your current skills and ships if that’s what you are waiting for. The /moveme command is also helpful for getting around if needed.

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yea cant wait for this mirror… got some “work” to do… :stuck_out_tongue:

edit… ccp just made a post about destroying citadels on sisi? in there they mentioned the mirror taking place really soon, this week or early next week :slight_smile:


Thanks. I don’t exist on the test server yet (too new), so I’ve nothing to update yet - but it’s useful to know for the future.

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