When Singularity will be minorred?

I replay since 1 month and I can’t log on Singularity ?
When do you scheddule to make the mirror ?

I agree, I have been subbed years but cant log into test server as i forgot my password, and then changed it…
Really want to log into the test server… This info would be good as at the moment every day I log into try and fail…

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wait for winter release. they will mirror this yet before end of this year. dont clutter forum with new miror posts.

I don’t clutter the forum, I research information.
If CCP communicated about the mirror date it will be better for all

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Singularity gets mirrored somewhere between every 3 and 6 months. The last mirror was around 30-40 days ago, so don’t expect a new one anytime soon.


minorred isn’t a word.

Hey this is great news, thank you - the last was September/October so maybe December. Cheers.

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