When was Singularities last mirror?

I have had 2 accounts on this game for 1 1/2 months but am still unable to sign into the test server. so can anyone tell me when the last mirror was so I can get an estimate of how much longer I should wait?

it was a couple weeks ago, you’ll be waiting another 3 to 4-ish months for next mirror, and even then you may not make it on

As far as I can see from Dev Posts, the last mirror was December 17, 2019. There may have been a stealth mirror but no announcement since then.

Would normally have expected a mirror in late March, early April but that may have been put on hold because of the COVID crisis.

The mirrors are announced in this thread, look for Dev posts. Note that mirroring the player account database from Tranquility and updating the game code are not the same thing. Singularity gets game updates all the time but updating the account database has no fixed schedule - on average expect it quarterly.

Also bear in mind that Singularity is a development QA server, not a player resource. We are given access because they need guinea pigs to test new game features - it isn’t something you’re entitled to as part of your subscription.

The last mirror was on the 27th of March, but Singularity was in VIP at this time, so it was only accessible a few days later.

Thank you my account was made 3 days after that mirror so… yeah

yes I know I’m not entitled to the test server and I never said I was

There’s a lot of people who think they are entitled to the test server, and some prefer to live there and cause hell and havoc than be on the main server.

tbh i would rather stay there and be a guinea pig but I wouldn’t cause havoc because I’m not that kind of person to attack ships the second they leave the hanger (unlike some people which I will not mention) but as for being entitled I know that nobody is entitled to anything

The answer is “join Singularity chat channel, the last mirror’s date is usually in the MOTD”.

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