FAQ about Singularity (SISI)

Hello fellow capsuleers, I’m ISD Sakimura and I’m bringing to you a FAQ in regards to Singularity and Mirroring of TQ.

Q: When is the next mirror going to happen?
A: There is no set schedule for when mirroring of TQ happens.

Q: I cannot log in to Singularity (for one reason or another)

Q: Does SP awarded for participating in CCP testings apply on TQ?
A: No, any skill points awarded for participating in various testing events by CCP is awarded on your character on Singularity only.

Q: What do I do when people break the rules?
A: Use the ingame bug-reporting feature; CCP does not actively offer support for the Singularity server.

List of available chat commands, see here for details on each of the following:



Q: What are the rules for singularity?

Q: What should I do if I see someone breaking them?

Q: What are the possible consequences for breaking them?

see this https://community.eveonline.com/support/test-servers/test-server-rules/

it would be good if actually ISD would read bugreports with reports of non consesual combat outside testing system…

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  1. ISD’s don’t resolve bug reports.
  2. Bug reports are bad place to report such things since devs don’t have power to punish players.
  3. Write support ticket and let GM decide what to do.

Sordina is correct; As ISD it’s not our job or even within our capability to resolves rule breaking disputes, that is for GMs to do. Bug Reports should only be used to report actual bugs, not for reporting players breaking rules. Support ticket is the correct and only way to report such issues.


dear ISD sakimura i did file support ticket after got my titan destroyed in jita they guided me to go on forums and one of ISDs BH tsaid that offending pilot can be reported by bugreport system because singularity is not supported by support system.

@Amak_Boma do you not remember talking about this? you got your answer, or is your memory that short

yes but my memory has some leaks with all those keepstars in m-oeeb

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yeah thank Ciens for that

Can I add expedition instructions to the test server? Occasionally want to go to the test suit to test without exploring

My account has been Omega for several years straight, whether or not I was AFK from game. Since I was Omega during last mirror, why can I not log in to Sisi now?

Someone mentioned that Sisi was down. Is that correct, and if so, for how long? I’m just coming back to game from a rather lengthy hiatus.

I moved myself to the combat system with /moveme in my Hel and was near immediately tackled by three hictors and blobbed by a bunch of titans. This did not happen in a combat arena, is it possible for me to get the Hel back so I can properly mess with it?


Well, you couldn’t be ‘near immediately’ tackled by a hic, as when you /moveme you are in e-warp as soon as you load system. Unless you are very, very (and I mean VERY) unlucky that someone is combat scanning while you are aligning, but not paying attention and just sitting there aligned, then yeah, you will get scanned down.
Just like TQ, sitting there aligned in your super, not paying attention when neutrals are in system will get you killed.
M-O is the combat system. Just like TQ, undocking is consent to pvp.
How are you going to get your Hel back?
Look under contracts for supers. They are always up in exchange for skill injectors.
Extract until you have enough to buy one.
In 14 days do a /copyskills and Bob’s Your Uncle.
You don’t really need those Rorqual skills do you? Or exhumer? Or battleship? Or resource processing?

Time to make a snapshot isn’t it?

Where do I report Sisi bugs?

hit f12 push report bug button,confirm that by clicking it again

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I can’t log in to the test server. Does anyone know why? It tells me that the password or username is invalid.