Information regarding Singularity and Bug Reporting


(CCP Falcon) #1

Below is a list of important information regarding development, test servers and bug reporting.

Also included are links to threads that may be of interest to players wanting to make use of the test servers.

  • Daily scheduled DT on Singularity from 05:00-05:15 GMT (there might be unscheduled ones too).
  • Daily scheduled DT on Duality from 03:45-04:00 GMT (there might be unscheduled ones too).

How to connect to our Test Servers

What to do if your account is not Omega / has a wrong password?

Currently we are not able to offer any help for outdated account details. Each time we mirror the Tranquility database your account status will be as it was at the time of the mirror snapshot being taken, for the duration of that mirror on Singularity. As testing needs dictate, we may provide skills, clone state status and such to promote feature testability at various appropriate times.

Activate me
Singularity test server
(ISD Max Trix) #2

(Aeon Herzog) #3

“Daily scheduled DT on Singularity from 05:00-05:15 GMT (there might be unscheduled ones too).”

Like, 7 a day.

(CCP Goliath) #4

Yes, that can happen, as our regression suite involves several reboots.

(Clandestiny) #5

:no_entry_sign: RANTING :no_entry_sign:

(Hakaru Song) #6

@CCP_Falcon has a link for the Test Feedback Forum that is pointing to the old forums.

edit: Actually, several links.

(Amak Boma) #7

can we get listed below commandlines for things like moveme booststandings boostsov etc. ?

(Johney Verbect) #8

one day im omega, the next day log in and now an alpha account ?

not sure if this is the proper place to post, if not plz excuse.

(Axhind) #9

When I start the sisi client it says something about CCP collecting data that could include personal data and if I don’t agree to send it to CCP the client closes down.

Could you actually tell us what kind of data is sent so that we can make a reasonable choice?

(Nesca Sion) #10

Hi There,

I have tried to log into singularity a few times now and it does not seem to send the verification code so I can log into it. I can get on to it with my alpha account but my Omega account is not getting the verification email. Can you please advise what I am doin wrong? Thank you!

(Ryan B Thiesant) #11

The page

broken links:
report “

Test Server Feedback Forum “


(xander Munro) #12

im having issues getting onto the test server it says i need a ver code

(Jodi Kautsuo) #13

Same here. 3 days, no acknowledgement.

(Andrey Radulov) #14

At me on the test server since yesterday ceased to unpack the bought ships. What could be the problem?

(whintey) #15

I am having issues redeeming extractors and using plex un the new eden store on test server planed on using it for training but cant access anything . Is this an ongoing problem or are there other ways to obtain extractors?