Connection to Singularity for the first time


I’m having trouble accessing singularity. The FAQ isn’t quite clear for the process. It says that you need to have an account on Tranqulity (seems obvious so far), but doesn’t talk about account creation for singularity. Then again, there is a link to create an account for singularity on the launcher, but it redirects to this page that has been unacessible to me for several weeks :

My regular logins don’t work on Singularity, despite having had Omega status on my accounts for weeks and that there’s been a mirror done very recently from what I understand. Keeps saying my login/password are incorrect, which they aren’t.

So what is the exact process to access singularity for the first time ?

Is it just an issue of having the singularity signup being down (for some time it seems) ?

Regular GMs say they can’t help, and redirected me here :slight_smile:

Thanks !

There is no actual sign-up process. Access to sisi is automatic via the launcher. Anyone with an omeg acct can use it.
However, sisi data is only mirrored from TQ once in a while. And apparently login credentials are not synced as frequently as character data. Someone posted that the last time acct data had been synced was February. The last time they did a tq mirror was a few weeks ago.

Have you been able to log on.

Thanks for the extra info, “anyone with an omega account can use it”

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i looked at the guide, where does the omega status needed for sisi?

“Accessing Singularity
In order to access the Singularity server you need to have an account on Tranquility. The account needs to have been created before the time when the current mirror was taken. The account state will be the same as it was when the mirror was taken.”

And if so, why do Alpahs get invites to go on the test server, if they actually can’t?

Ryan, a confused new omega waiting for next server mirror, to get onto sisi!

Can you pleas active Sergey Wedsa on Singularity

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