Singularity server


how do I get on sisi

(Steve Ronuken) #2

For new accounts, this can be a bit of a problem. Mostly because the mirror of data from TQ to SiSi only happens so often.

Assuming the account exists, all you need to do is fire up the launcher, the click up where it says Tranquility. you can then pick singularity, sign in, and start the client.

(Eleonora Crendraven) #3 :

Accessing Singularity

In order to access the Singularity server you need to have an account on Tranquility. The account needs to have been created before the time when the current mirror was taken. The account state will be the same as it was when the mirror was taken.
New Launcher

Launcher server selection - Singularity

With the new launcher (for both Windows and Mac) it is very easy to connect to Singularity:

Just select “Singularity” in the server drop-down menu and then login with your account. Everything else (creating and patching of the client) is done by the launcher.

You can copy your client settings through “manage profiles” in the launcher, if you want to do so.

(Xavin Hekki) #4

I’ve gone on Sisi to try somethings out (amazing testing field) and saw my skills and wallet where from about 6-8 months ago. Any idea when/how often Singularity is updated or if there is a way I can update my character in Sisi to match my current one in Tranquility?

(Steve Ronuken) #5

in a chat window, type