Mac Client test coming up and Singularity

I just started my account back up and I play using my MacBook Pro.

From the recent Eve Launcher update, I see that there is a beta test for the macOS client. I’m a long-time Software Engineer and I would like to participate in the upcoming MacClient test.

I don’t have a character on Singularity and I believe I need to wait for another mirror copy of Tranquility.

Is there any way at all that I can get my character copied to Singularity so that I can participate in the upcoming Mac Client test?

Is there a way I can get a version of the client to beta test with on Tranquility? Is there a sign-up page I could use?

Thank you in advance for your time and if you are able to help I would really appreciate it!

– Cynn

you may or may not have access. If you do not have access after doing what is described below from the devblog, then you won’t have access until the next Mirror in late May early June. They cannot add individual accounts.

however, if you read the devblog in the launcher it explains how to add your account to the launcher for SiSi, and you may actually have access to it, granted that you didn’t change your password since restarting your account…

Once you are running the latest launcher version, click the arrow at the bottom right and choose ‘Singularity’. The client will then automatically download.

If you have not logged into Singularity – also known as Sisi – recently, then you will need to add your account to the launcher using the ‘add account’ button before you can connect.

That cannot happen since TQ is live server, any and all testing is done strictly on SiSi.

You guys are awesome, thank you!!

– Cynn

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