The Native Mac Client is now the default client for Singularity 🎉

Hi all

The Native Mac Client was developed in a separate branch from the main EVE codebase. In simple terms, this means we have had to do dedicated deployments to Singularity of our Native Mac branch for testing. Many of you have been kind enough to dedicate your time to these tests, with more bug reports being filed than we anticipated. I’d like to thank everyone who has done this so far, as it’s helped us significantly with our development effort.

Over the last month, the game codebase for the Windows and Native Mac Client have been brought together and are effectively the same.

As a result, a deployment to Sisi this week will make the Native Mac Client the default client for macOS from this point forward! I’ll update this thread once this has happened.

We plan to run a masstest next Tuesday (28th) but will provide more details about this via the normal channels soon.

It is important to know that being live on Singularity does not mean we have decided to ship the Native Mac Client in the next release. Like previous tests, we will be evaluating player feeback, monitoring crashes, and taking both client and server performance measurements. While no final release date has been decided yet, this is a major step for us on this project.

We hope to see you on Singularity soon!


Holy cow. I am stoked! I have been jealous of all the beautiful graphics that windows peeps enjoy all these years. Thank you all for your super hard work! Mat be time for a shiny apple silicon Mac soon!


Singularity is now running the Native Mac Client. Please make sure you are running the latest launcher before connecting, as there were a number of important fixes for the Native Mac Client in the last release.
You will need macOS 10.14 or above. Intel and M1 both have native clients, without the need for Rosetta2. The launcher currently requires Rosetta2.

As with previous deployments, there have been a lot of bug fixes and changes in the client. Please let us know of any problems filing a bug report in-game (F12) and including as many details as possible. If you make a post here offering feedback, please try to include your EBR number.

As always, general feedback for the client is welcome :grinning:


Urrgggghhh so good. Just updated to have a quick peek. Like a wet dream! One thing I wanted to ask

  • Fullscreen at reduced resolutions: UI ends up looking blurred. Will we see this updated with retina support?

I’ll try to have more of a play. Specifically I want to see where the sweet spot is and test utilisation of resources. At full 6K (on XDR Monitor) with High Graphics settings - it defo feels choppy (but that is also while running 2 other Wine Clients). I’ll have a play and give some feedback on this.

Thanks for getting this new update out onto SISI @CCP_Caffeine wasn’t even expecting a new test anytime soon!

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Just a heads up, not played since 2014 but the M1 conversion tempted me take a look. Downloaded the launcher a few minutes ago and all was cool but cannot get past that stage. Selecting “Play Now” just comes up with the “Game client assigned closed unexpectedly” message.

I am running a M1 MacBook Air with 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD, never had Eve installed on it before.

*Sorry if I posted this is in the wrong forum, but thought it worth mentioning.

Hi @Kwambus!
Did you try to login on Singularity or Tranquility? On Tranquility (which is still using he old client through Wine) this is unfortunately expected on M1 with the standard installation, but on Singularity this should work.

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This is amazing! I’ve been waiting for fully native client on macOS as I stashed away my gaming PC in a closet, and Wine client provides suboptimal EVE Online experience at best. Client seems to work great on 15" 2018 MBP. Looking forward to playing EVE again on Tranquility with this awesome native client :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, for me the graphics switching bug persists (I already submitted it). If I don’t disable the “automatic graphics switching” from the battery settings, it uses the intel GPU when I’m not connected to an external monitor (connecting any external monitor forces the discrete GPU). This does not happen with the wine client.

MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019)
macOS 11.6 (20G165)
2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7
6 GB 2667 MHz DDR4
Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB (the one it uses by default)
AMD Radeon Pro 5300M 4 GB (the one it should use)

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We’ve tried really hard to repo this internally, but can’t. We have almost the same Mac here (I think it’s the 5500M, not 5300M) which has not had this issue.
Is there anything you can think of that might be different or special with your machine? External docks? Any graphical software you use? Is the battery okay in the device?

We’ll keep it in mind and I’ll let you know if we come across it. Without an internal reproduction though, we’re mostly guessing what could be causing it :slightly_frowning_face:

Finally have a chance to try this out!

I’m running 16" MBP 2019 with i9 and 32GB RAM.

First impression on performance:

  • My fans still spin up immediately and keep pounding as long as the game is open. Not my dream come true, tbh, but I guess that might just come with the territory.
  • I’m able to set it to the native resolution without noticeable FPS problems, AMAZING
  • I’m able to improve, but not max out, the various graphics settings, BIG IMPROVEMENT
  • Even with all these improvements, my core temperature is around 70 degrees, compared to the 85-90 that it is with the old client. This runs a lot better.

Amazing features that make this worthwhile regardless of performance:

  • I can set keyboard shortcuts with CMD key!!! This was such a horrible pain, as I couldn’t remap important ALT/CTRL shortcuts to what my hands expect. This alone makes me desperate to use this client on TQ
  • I can switch apps smoothly!!! OMG I was losing my mind with that insane in and out jumping around from the old client! EVE requires a lot of cross referencing with websites and apps, and the old client made me desperate to avoid doing that. Now I can switch back and forth all I want quickly and without crashes. THANK YOU.
  • UPDATE: Oh I can also now do the CMD+SHIFT+4 command to take a screenshot of part of the screen!!! Been missing that so much, needing to take a full-screen screenshot with CMD+SHIFT+3 then figure out later what it was that I wanted to save! There’s so many little benefits to having it be native.

Overall, it’s working like it should and much better than the old client. As other’s have said, all I want is for it to be on TQ!


Just tried this myself and I don’t think I can reproduce it either.

16" MBP 2019 with i9, 32GB RAM, AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 4 GB

My Energy Saver preferences:

My FPS readout in game (I restarted with the settings above to be sure):

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 6.23.56 PM

That’s how you check which card is active right?

I have no screen plugged in.

It’s possible it’s related to having the 5500M instead of the 5400M.

So I don’t know exactly why it’s happening, but I wanted to share this.

These are both running the exact same “Display & Graphics” settings, both showing around 60fps, but what I get out of the new client looks like 2021 v. 2008 on the old client!

Am I right that the actual graphics that it can put out are radically different? There must have been shaders and stuff that were just flat-out disabled on the old version!


They have done a lot of graphic updates that the wine (DX9) did not handle. Metal is more on par with their DX11/12 work.



So, just tested (single character) and i’m still getting those weird fuzzy god rays with high shader settings. medium no issues (I might just be cursed :stuck_out_tongue: )

Do you play full screen or windowed?

I almost always played windowed and have had no issues with the CMD+Shift+3/4/5 keyboards for taking screenshots. Just curious.


Yup! The Wine based client is limited by DirectX9 features, which means it didn’t include some of the awesome post-processing and shader features that you now see. It really is a big difference :slight_smile:

If you get the chance, check out Jita (4-4 hanger naturally) or Abyssal space for some fantastic graphical differences.

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Thanks - I’ll double check the internal ticket tomorrow, but we did compare the Windows and Mac clients, and they looked more or less the same to us after the last changes. Will do a double check though :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply.

I didn’t post a ticket this time - though I did capture a video.

If anything, I’ll get back on tomorrow and check it out and post a ticket with updated info and such.

The i9 is a warm chip, so I’d expect the fans to spin up a bit :slight_smile: I’m glad to hear that the temperature is better than the Wine version. The Native Mac Client is much more optimised when it comes to resource use!
Ensuring v-sync is on is by far one of the best ways to keep heat / fan management under control. I strongly recommend leaving it on.

We did a pass of shortcuts since the last update, so I’m glad to see it got noticed so quickly :grin: . The client should also match OS shortcuts for moving between words by using the alt/opt key. We have a few more minor changes to make, but most people won’t notice them :slight_smile: