Native Mac Client Playtest - General Feedback

Hi all

If you’ve not seen the information about the Native Mac Client playtest, please check out the news article first as it contains important information.

This thread is for general feedback for the client and the launcher. If you’ve found a bug, please see the thread here.

So we can collate feedback more easily, please keep posts on-topic for the Native Mac Client. Any off-topic posts will be removed.

We want to hear your feedback!

The Native Mac Client is the first non-Windows client for EVE Online. This means there are a lot of new areas that we are touching on. If there is something that you think could be improved or doesn’t feel right, please let us know below.


Im using an M1 mac mini. Graphics on all high things look a little washed out and I’m getting 45 ish fps in space. Change the settings to the mid settings getting 60 ish fps in space and things look more like my Windows client did no wash outs. Been ratting in my ONI. Gonna try dual boxing later today.
Notice the mini is actually getting warm, not hot just warm and this is the first time I’ve gotten it to get warm since I have owned it.

I have personally not observed any washed out graphics on high settings (but I tested only on M1 MacBook Pro). Can you please report more details like what screen resolution you are using and if there is any scaling active? Maybe you can also find the exact setting, which triggers the problem. A screenshot about this (through a bug report) would be perfect.

I’ll try to recreate but it won’t be for a few hours I’m getting ready for work currently. Also I can’t run 2 clients at once, I’ll get the logs to you later, would you like this reported as a bug as well?

It is awesome to have a native mac client now – great work to all. Gameplay realy feels great and smooth once everything is in the cache. Mousewheel is a bit sensitive/fast (logitech mx master 2s). I’ve had flashing/disapearing textures – asteroid belt and the sun.

Yes, best to also send a bug report about this, with as much details as possible.

Great to hear that the experience is great. It would be great, if you could send a bug report from the client about those flashing textures, so that we can look further into it.

I am still not able to create an account on Singularity Test server. Is it down or I need to keep trying?

Very first impressions (playing on a late 2015 MacBook Pro (2GB AMD GPU, 16GB RAM, 2.5 GHz quad i7, running macOS 10.15.7 — MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) - Technical Specifications):

looking GOOD :slight_smile: No graphics issues so far, and even with all graphics settings to max everything still feels smoother and more responsive than under the WINE client.

It did take several minutes to undock and then another minute for my ship to respond to an align order, likely because DoD was still hogging the system. I docked up again and am now downloading the full client in advance, will explore further after that.

Quitting the client caused the launcher to flash me a “client closed unexpectedly” type error. Will have to see if that happens again.

Next up: undocking and getting in some action. But so far, this looks verrry promising indeed.

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I’ve been looking forward to this immensely, and seriously impressed so far. I’m running on the same M1 MacBook Air as I had reported on initially back later last year, but at 2560x1600 with everything cranked up, dallying about I seldom drop below 30fps. Dropping only AA to low (the LPDDR4X can only do so much :lemon:) sees me gnawing ever closer to 60fps, with framerates above 50fps most of the time. But the real win for me is the CPU on the M1 is now pulling 1W rather than the 5-10W it would pull with the wine version or running via crossover. What this means in practice is that actually dropping the settings to the lowest and using Interval One, I can get 60fps smoothly with 3-4W package power. That’s a solid 8-10 hours of EVE on battery!

I will test it in anger later, but seriously thank you @CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Caffeine and any others who put the effort into native Metal & Mac support!


Looking Really Good!!!

I did have to unlearn the wine hot-keys!

A few little things.

Nothing big, easier to explain here with markdown support.

Loading Resources

First load… The bottom right, click and move off the circle and got a blurred text.

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 21.24.13 Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 21.25.32

Of course, the spinning version (encountered later) provides a better experience. A solid circle does not indicate something is happening.

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 21.31.42

Visual Glitches

Early on, I did experience a few visual glitches. But I think they can be attributed to downloading missing visual assets. The visual glitches were not repeatable and generally stopped after a while.

Choppy Audio

The audio started off a bit choppy. Spinning my ship, tactical camera view, and the audio couldn’t decide between music or background sounds. It seems to have cleared up too, probably just due to downloading of the necessary audio assets.

Select Sound

The selection sound, like selecting an item in the overview, was a bit odd. Almost like a tinny (tin can) sound, a bit different from the WINE version.

Ship Tree Zoom

When i zoomed in on the ship tree, it would zoom out to the full view again. Wouldn’t stay zoomed in the desired area.

Drone Hot-Keys seemed slow

When I launched or recalled drones, using hot-keys, the status of the drones did not change for a few seconds.

Market: Buy Item

After entering a quantity, pressing Enter/Return did not complete the purchase. I had to use the “Buy” button.


Sure there are some bugs to iron out, but it looks like it’s coming together nicely!


Initial impressions

  • Can only play full screen, cannot switch to windowed. Likely due to the nature of the test settings and what has been implemented so far.
  • Swapping from game (full screen) to another desktop (MacOS Mouse two finger swipe right) results in a black screen where you may have to wait up to a minute to get screen/app details. Same goes for switching back the the game.
  • Graphics are nicer (cleaner, crisper)
  • CPU Usage is HALF of what it is under the current client.
  • Some of the basic key commands appear non functional

More to come as days go by, but VERY promising so far. Will pull it up on my Mac Pro this evening and see what it looks like there.

One other thing… With a MBP dual screen set-up, the Display Adapter actually shows my displays 1 and 2 as adapters. Which is nice. Just not sure if they are technically considered displays or adapters.

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 23.21.26

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Check your post processing setting, and try ‘High’ if it’s not on that. Post Processing has a number of features which help with the overall image quality. For example, CAS: Sharpening The Renderer | EVE Online

Filed a bug report about playing on an external screen where the mouse seems to drop to the bottom of the screen when clicking and dragging. Doesnt happen all the time and not with all interactions with the UI.

All in all it looks solid. My Macbook Air M1 is running a bit hot at the top of the keyboard though. But all in all not too shabby.

You can not create and account on Singularity. It uses a snapshot of the Tranquility database. To use Singularity, your account has to have been active when the last mirror occurred.

Your account needs to have been copied from Tranquility, so it will only be available, if it was present on Tranquility at the start of February.