Native Mac Client Playtest #2 - General Feedback & Issues

Hi all

If you’ve not seen the information about the second Native Mac Client playtest, please check out the news article first as it contains important information.

This thread is for general feedback for the client and the launcher. If you’ve found a bug, first please file a bug report from the client unless you’re unable to do so. You are welcome to discuss bugs in this thread.

So we can collate feedback more easily, please keep posts on-topic for the Native Mac Client. Any off-topic posts will be removed.

Please make sure you are on the latest launcher version offered to you before the playtest. Failure to update will cause issues

We want to hear your feedback!

The Native Mac Client is the first non-Windows client for EVE Online. This means there are a lot of new areas that we are touching on. If there is something that you think could be improved or doesn’t feel right, please let us know below.

This thread will be unlocked just before the playtest. For general discussion, please use the thread here: EVE Online to go native on macOS!


Hi all

Sisi is now updated with the build needed for the playtest.

Please make sure you are running the latest launcher version. At the time of writing, this is 1924823, but higher is also fine if we need to deploy a patch. The launcher version number is shown in the screnshot below:

While you’re welcome to discuss issues and bugs in this thread, please file a bug report from within the client if possible. Client bug reports are significantly more useful when we try to reproduce the issue.

Thanks in advance to everyone who participates :grinning:


Apologies, we have found an issue with the deployment. This means players will receive the Wine client currently.
We are working to fix this as soon as possible.

edit - The fix should be deployed, but you will need to completely exit and reopen your launcher.

Sorry about that folks!

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For me, unfortunately, it is unplayable. Last playtest was much smoother. On a second monitor, even with settings lowered, I get crappy FPS (sometimes down to 2-3). I had selected the ‘second’ graphics card from the settings. I then reverted to using only the laptop monitor and to get some performance with maxed out settings I had to half the resolution. But the moment I undocked from Jita 4-4 it crashed. I tried to log back in a couple of times, but the moment it warps back to Jita 4-4 it crashes. Now I have to go out, so will not be able to test more until tomorrow.
System specs:
MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019)
2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7
16 GB 2667 MHz DDR4
AMD Radeon Pro 5300M 4 GB

I’m currently unable to log in, the native client freezes at the “Login complete” stage and never progresses. I’ve filed an out-of-game bug report (EBR-222316) which includes a log dump. Fingers crossed it’s something simple! :slight_smile:

Ok, so I nuked the entire EVE installation (everything in ~/Library) and re-downloaded from scratch, and I’m able to progress into the game. Will now do some further testing. Looking good so far though, thanks @CCP_Caffeine and team! Decent frame rate and CPU usage, although there is some graphical glitching when I crank the settings to full.

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Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like a corrupt file if a reinstall fixed it. When we do the migration to NMC, we’ll have some checking and verification of the files as part of the process.

Please do report the graphical issues using the in game tool so we can see the screenshots :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. Sorry to hear that the experience so far hasn’t been good.
I’d really like to dig into it more, as the performance should be much much better than what you’re getting.

An easy thing to check is that it is running the new client: Press ‘Control + F’ and make sure it says ‘Metal’ at the bottom. This will ensure you’re on the correct client quickly.

Things were going well, FPS great and no glitches. But then I flew to Jita and as soon as Jita station appeared it had a weird graphical glitch and my whole system froze. Then I rebooted and logged in again and once my ship got back onto Jita station grid the client froze again. I’m guessing it has something to do with Jita station rendering.

What are your system specs (mostly which GPU and which macOS version)? Please try to reduce your graphic settings and see if this helps. It would be great to know which setting caused the problem.

macOS 11.5.1, 16" MBP, eGPU AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT.

Setting Shader Quality to High causes the problem. I found that setting it to Medium things are fine.

Thanks a bunch, also for the bug report! Let’s hope that it is not specific to the eGPU, as I don’t have one at hand at the moment.

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Mac mini 2018, Big Sur
3 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i5, 16Gb RAM
Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB

I usually play in windowed mode with the maximised window. I have 2 4K displays, and full-screen always blacks out the second one, while windowed mode allows me to keep using the second one.

In the new mac client it’s unusable, because the maximised window runs at 3840x2054. Even in super-potato mode I can’t get more than 15 FPS at this resolution.
I can run a tiny window at 1920x1080 (unusable) or run it full-screen at 1920x1080, but right now, the wine client works better.

Hello ) My config: iMac Late-2013, 3,2GHz, GeForce GT 755M 1Gb, RAM 16Gb, Catalina 10.15.7

At high shader settings, performance is lower than on the Wine client. After leaving the dock, graphical artifacts are observed Imgur: The magic of the Internet (I realize that it’s my video card, but Wine looks better and more stable in this moment)

On medium shader settings - performance is good, but occasional flickering is observed (random and seems to disappear over time)

Overall, it has gotten much better since the last test. Thank a lot )

Have Mac M1 16GB, and used highest graphics settings, and did 2 hours abyss. And i am sorry to say, but could not find ANYTHING to be improved. Graphics are great, no glitches, did do a test with 3 toons, and did not see any delay, So I am a happy capsuleer! For me it could go straight to production, so much better then the current Wine version. No issues in scaling windows to proper sizes, better performance, and way better graphics. So good job done!


Thank you for this report! We are currently looking further into handling default resolutions and handling resolutions in windowed mode on high-res screens.

Could you please send an in-game bug report about those graphical issues? We are aware that GeForce cards are a bit problematic, but I have not seen this problem yet.

Great to hear! Thanks for your comment!