Please add my account to Test Server

Dear Test Server team;

Would you add me to the test server?

Thank you

I have the same requiest :slight_smile: please add this character to the test server, thankyou much!

Accounts are not “added” to the test server. Periodically a snapshot of the Tranquility database is applied to Singularity. Whatever account status you have at that time is what you will have on the test server until the next mirror.

A mirror is planned for later this month so you won’t have long to wait!

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Seems that the problem is common… i have an account for more than a year in tranquility and the password has not changed in that time , cannot login with that user/pass in SiSi , keeps requesting a validation code that does not arrive to my email account (the same i used to create my original account)

I would very much like to be able to login in the SiSi server , so if you could check that my account is linked in the mirror and is set to active , i would very much appreciate it.

If it’s sending a validation code, you have an active account on Singularity but if you aren’t receiving it, there is a problem with the email address associated with the account. Login to account management and confirm your email address. You should be receiving occasional promotional emails - last one I got was Feb 23 when they were promoting a 25% off PLEX sale. If you aren’t getting these you may have an overly aggressive spam filter.

Add me to the test server please

usual mirror time is once per 3 months but ccp in emergency cases can depoy mirror earlier,mostly mirroring happens once per 3-5months. if your char was not before last then you have to wait. ccp ceased to manually add accounts

In the launcher I select a test server, I enter my login and password and the verification code does not come to the email

i been active for the last 3 months and still cant get in to the test server can u add my accounts pls

can u pls add my account to the test server pls

hi can i be added to the test server please … thanks i hope u can help me

Go to account management and enable 2 factor authentication using the Google authenticator app and install the app on your phone - after that, the verification code should be sent to the app on your phone.

Edit: having thought about what I just wrote - I don’t believe the account on Singularity knows about changes to the account on Tranquility between mirrors - so switching to Authenticator won’t work. But it’s still a good idea to reduce hacking risk on Tranquility!

hi can i be added to the test server please … thanks i hope u can help me

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