Activate me

Plz activate my account on test server

Sadly this is impossible.

Do you know when the next mirror is? Normally, CCP is good at posting last mirror dates and then you can figure 3-6 months down the road would be the next one. However, I haven’t a clue when the last mirror was.

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It was in May, if I remember correctly

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The Mirror was taken form 13th of may but the actual mirror was after that date 2-3 weeks
CCP also said that they wanted to have Mirrors every 2-3 months now

Why can’t I get the verification code that is supposed to be generated and sent via e-mail. Have attempted 3 times, waited to appropriate 30 minute waiting to receive a verification code and NEVER got one. This toon is 4 years old and has been on Singularity several times. Amazing how prompt the Eve cust service response was to my ticket, not how about getting the verification code process working reliably.

is this were i put my request in to get activated on test server?
if so please activate my account

For some reason i just cant access singularity. I see a black window, not a character screen like in tranquility