Reactivation Requests thread Singularity

Subj - where is it? I need to reactivate some of my accs that were on alpha clone status during last mirror.

I cant even send support request because it asks to “In order to link the EVE Online account reconsub3 to the Help Center account you will have to perform a one-time ownership verification by logging in to one of the accounts already linked to the Help Center via this email address using the button below.” and guess what happens when I try to link :

You guys closing theatre? Or what?

ccp no longers offers this as part of the free test-server . your account is set as of the last mirror , if you’re alpha , you’re stuck at alpha until the next mirror . if your account is then omega you will also be upgraded on sisi , without having to file a ticket .

this is old news , there was a post about it in test server feedback , it’s still there if you’d care to look …

you are not stuck as alpha, no. Just simply PLEX yourself. As easy as that

Simply buy Plex from the market for 100 isk each and make your account omega by using 500 of them :smiley:

oh,! thanks guys!

Hi, who should I contact for Singularity account activation? Thanks.

No-One, they don’t anymore iirc, if you want to you will have to wait until next mirror if your toon was created after last sunday (18th), if not it should be on there.

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