Can not connect to SINGULARITY

Could not connect to login server

Your launcher is experienced an issue while trying to connect to the EVE Online login service. Please check your internet connectivity.

The launcher will periodically try to establish a connection.

I have connectivity , I have an account on TRANQUILITY.

Merry Chrismas.

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Tranquility server is mirrored to Singularity test server only every few weeks or even months. If your account is newer than the last mirror of TQ to SN, then your account will not be recognized as existing by SN test server.

Happy Incarnation Festival to you too

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Definitely not every few weeks, more like every 6 months, you’ll either have to wait for the next mirror, or I believe you can submit a ticket to have your account manually moved over.

From what I understand you cannot have your account moved over manually you will need to wait for the next database mirror. These mirrors occur as needed so I have no idea when the next one might happen, best of luck o7

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