I cannot add my account to the Singularity server through the Eve launcher

As the title says, I cannot log into the Singularity test server for some reason, with this new account. Is there a way for me to manually ‘push’ this account info to the test server, or do I have to wait for a server-wide update? If the latter, when is this planned to take place next? Thanks!

I managed to get on by clicking on the server link in the loader a couple of days ago after the update of launcher this may wrk

@Othello_Nightstar I don’t think you are having the same problem, as it sounds like you have already added your account to the Singularity section of the Eve launcher. I cannot do so because it gives me a username/password error.

The same login works fine when adding my account to the live server.

Agreed sorry I couldn’t be more help

@Othello_Nightstar thanks for trying!

Your account may be so new that it postdates the last mirror from tranquility, in which case you won’t be able to log in on that server until after the next mirror, which will happen someday, when ccp decides to do it.

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Last mirror was Dec 18. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t expect another for 2-3 months but they’ve promised us a new 64 but client sometime this winter and I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a new mirror when it goes into Beta.

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if u dont have service packs installed on ur windows launcher will not work properly

@Do_Little & @Corwin_Dnari I believe you two are correct here, in that I need to wait for a mirroring of the database from live to test. Kinda sucks as it blocks me from testing this new strategy I have, but at least I know what’s going on now. Thanks!

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