Password for Singularity

Hi guys, please help! :frowning:

Due to last account mirroring I can’t access the test server, I was changing recently password few times and I just can’t recall what password I had on the time from the last mirror, could you please help and send me new pw or mirror my current one so I can access the test server? Thanks

You’ll have to submit a support ticket for this sort of request, I think.

I did that and they directed me here, so I hope the dev team will be able to do something with that.

That’s odd, people posting about log-in problems here usually get told to submit a ticket instead…

I think they may be referring to this pinned post:

Where it states:

I thought there used to be a forum post that you could reply to, indicating the passwords were out of sync and a GM (I assume) would sort it out… I guess that’s no longer the case.


So, does it mean that I’ll be unable to access the Singularity with your help? I just need to guess what password I could to have at the time when the last mirror was done? That’s a pity, really pity :frowning:

That would work, yes. Unfortunately I can’t help you further.


thanks, that a pity :frowning: by any chance, do you know when the next mirror will be sent to singularity? as I don’t believe that I’ll be able to recall what pw i had.

There’s usually a post in the Test Server Feedback indicating when a new mirror happens, which (usually) is every 3 months or so. Last one I can see mentioned was in December 18, so I’d guess ‘soon’ but don’t know for sure.


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