Test Server: Singularity - FAQ and Information

The last mirror was done on 2020-10-21. If you joined before that date, you can probably connect to Singularity. If you have changed your password since the date of the mirror, you will need to use the password that was in place as of the mirror date.

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Thank you but unfortunately I have made a mistake. The registration date is on Nov. 01, 2020.

There will probably be another mirror by the end of February - CCP tends to do them every 3-4 months. I can’t guarantee it, but that at least gives you an idea of when to check back in this forum section for an update.

I second this. “If we could get the ability to seed an owned citadel, that would be acecredible.”

While we have no problems with people using the server to try out ships and modules that they are interested in, we need to emphasize that this is not the purpose of the server.

Singularity and any other test servers we give players access to are maintained by us for one purpose: To test out new or updated features/systems/items and how they interact with existing features/systems/items. And when we say test, we mean find bugs and other unforeseen issues.

Read this, Its from back when it seemed like CCP gave a ■■■■ about people by providing clear and concise information… because they cared. What a novel idea. CCP, Stop being so stuck up that you claim that the entire test server was created with the sole purpose of your own benefit. If you keep serving self, in the end will all you’re left with.
Furthermore: Fuggin Sellouts

All references to player testing in that thread are on the premise of the text in its first post:

The posts below also contain links that some players may find of interest if they’d like to utilize the test servers and assist us with improving the EVE experience for everyone.

Note that this does not refer to players performing tests for their own purposes - only as it relates to supporting CCP’s own efforts.

They Don’t seed Titans on SiSi, so why should they seed Citadels?

By your logic, companies are not allowed to change the perception of what they choose to offer on a daily basis to people? They could do like some other companies coughblizzardcough and only open up the testing server when they need stuff tested and otherwise shut it back down.

looks like back in 2014, they also gave people access to duality more often… now its just SiSi that we have access too… A lot of stuff has changed compared to what Falcon wrote in 2014 and what @CCP_Lebowski posted in 2017 here.

They seed citadels ON the market, We want our citadels to have Market hub seeding like the ccp keep and sotiyo in m-o. You don’t even understand what were talking about and yet your fighting it? Whos D are you riding? Im a player, I only care about the company and the bulls**t your talking about when its directly effecting me and your trying to turn it into an existential argument for CCP being lazy and uncaring. Get real.

That would require special coding to add an individual citadel to the seeding rules - which falls under the ‘do not ask CCP to give you stuff’ rule CCP has repeatedly posted. Between the moveme command and general seeding, it shouldn’t be that time consuming to drag whatever you decided to test with to your citadels from the nearest seed market.

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You’re wrong. It cost me 880 Billion ISK to manufacture 30 titans in m-0 (CCP’s seeded market sotiyo). With the highest insurance payout for a ship being the freighter I had spent about a total of 19.5 hours blowing up about 600 freighters off the seeded station to pay to manufacture in m-0. The system cost index gets too high because to many are manufacturing in one spot. I took Sov in the nearest system, built a keep and sotiyo and attempted to set up a trade route for my supplies which kept getting greifed by assholes. This also would have taken 360 runs from m-0 to my system which is 13 jumps in a regular freighter and 1800 jumps in a JF. None of these options fit your ■■■■■■■■ excuse or explanation of time consumption and all of these options are extreme and radical.

Oh well. Can you not use the moveme to move your ■■■■?

No that only moves you to certain systems, none where you can take sov… it will take you to m-0, trade hubs in high sec , wormholes… supercap mfg requires ihub upgrade. You cant manufacture titans in any space above 0.0 afaik. Also those figures posted above are including using /moveme to get back to m-0 to pick up. Double those without using it.

Yeah, see again, Singularity doesn’t exist for you to test stuff. If you don’t already own 30 titans when the server is mirrored, it isn’t CCP’s job to make testing with them a simple thing for you at an expense to CCP that has zero return on the invested time.

I have zero sympathy for your offended sense of entitlement.

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Yeah, again, they should if they want me to keep paying them 149.99 a month for my 10 accounts. The entitlement is called being a paying customer. Mkikaden, you have contributed nothing positive to this conversation.

you are not ENTITLED to the TEST SERVER… end of story… you want your 30 titans on there, put them on TQ before the next mirror, then you’ll have them.

If it weren’t for sisi I wouldn’t be paying. I mean who cares about money and happy customers right? Thing of the past. Ahh there we go.

And yet Sisi isn’t the service you are paying for. You literally cannot buy Omega on Sisi - you can only PLEX it, or happen to have the state mirrored from TQ.

You are not entitled to access to Sisi, nor to development effort on the system, because it isn’t part of the EVE service that CCP is selling. CCP just happens to let players access Sisi as a courtesy outside of CCP tests instead of keeping it in VIP mode.

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