Test Server: Singularity - FAQ and Information

Why can’t I use this command now?/copyskills

If you read the new mirror thread, you’d see that CCP said it would be available next week

ok Thank you

Anybody knows when then next mirror with be? I want to test my new Nag. xD

If you read the other topic titles under this you’d see the mirror was just done 2/15 so you should be able to access it

Why singularity DT is to long? mean not 15 mins but all hour or much more?

Because you are not entitled to SiSi. If they need downtime to be longer then that will happen. Maintenance on the test server is quite different than the live server

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sisi is taken down and not brought back up until the Mac native client test starts, so they can get everything in place and verify connectivity for the new launcher before the test. Sometimes they have taken Sisi out of circulation for a month or more for testing.

Fleet doesn’t seem to work in Singularity. Is this a test server feature or a bug?

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Native Mac Client Playtest - Known Issues

^ See the above for bugs this week during the native mac client test.

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What’s with the constant tidi in whs over the last three days?

who is causing a ruckus on the test server to cause TiDi on SiSi? and this question could have probably been created as a new topic instead of the FAQ topic.

I can login to the test server by alt acc, but not the main (message that login/password is wrong).
I may have changed my pass after feb 2 (i don’t remember, lol).
So what can i do about it until next mirror?

If you cannot recall the old password, there is nothing you can do to access the account on Sisi at this time. You will need to wait for the data to be copied over. Good news is that is should be within the next month or so - there is usually a mirror every 3-4 months, and with the last one in February we are likely to see another by the end of June.


Is there any way to find out when Sisi was last mirrored?

New Singularity mirror 2021-02-15

A thread like that is posted every mirror.


I’m wondering when the next mirror will take place. I’d like to try some things out but can’t logon.

It’s frustrating for new members to know that at some point in the future we will hopefully be able to use the test server but having no idad when that might happen.

I’m not sure how long it take to snapshot the database and connect it to the test server but can it happen soon please.

If you read above anywhere you’d see that mirrors are typically 3-4 months between each mirror…

Considering we just had one June 1, 2021, we got a few months to go.

Hi. I cant log in Singularity using my profile because when I enter steam verification it says ,error’’ and on site I read message ,Warning. The site ,sisi…’ is not connected to steam or valve’’. What’s the problem?
I made account around 5-6 months ago.

Steam connectivity on Sisi is presently broken with no communicated estimated resolution time.