Test Server: Singularity - FAQ and Information

Sad, I wanted to test some things. Dammit.

Btw, how could I possibly ,move’’ my steam account into EVE account? Is it possible by any way?

There is a way to do it, but it won’t be effective until the next mirror

Darn. I will have to wait up to 2022 as if I made account newly, but thx. I wonder if steam accounts will ever be able to go into Singularity. If I can sign to tranquility, then it shouldnt be impossible to sign into other servers in the future. If only I found out about it a month ago…

Mirrors are every 3-4 months… the last mirror was June 1 2021 so the next one, possibly could be September, unless CCP gets a fix for steam users.

I hope so. I wouldnt like to be under-privileged like this comparing to ,normal’’ EVE-site players.

Don’t look at is as underprivileged. Sisi access isn’t a guaranteed feature for anyone. Eight now it doesn’t work for Steam users. There are plenty of times where is does not work for everybody, or does not work for Mac users, or any other population segment you can name.

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Just one quick and simple question. Can we log in to both the Live and Test server at the same time with the same account without any consequences?

yes. 5 char

Where do we report people for violating test server rules

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File a bug report from within the Singularity client.

hello, there is no concord analysis beacon on the test server, how can you test updates without the necessary beacons. Thank you in advance.

I have just started using sisi for testing and experimentation, so I am still learning the rules there. In my time testing (last few days), it has never been possible to jump to any of my clones, even if I am in the same structure with them. (I get the message “clone bay unavailable”). Is this always the case, or just bad luck on my timing? I know that I can use /moveme + gates and also replace implants cheaply, but of course that takes more time. I am not asking for new features (“sisi is for ccp to find bugs and is not maintained for players to test things etc.”) but just asking if the feature exists already and I am somehow messing it up.

I did check these forums to the best of my ability to find an answer to this, but was not successful.

I’m not aware of any intended block on that feature on Sisi. Probably a good idea to submit a bug report in-game right after trying it and it failing - that will give the devs data on what went sideways.


Thanks, will do

It basically means that the structure clone bay isnt fueled and thats why you cant get into your clones. Ask whoever owns the structure if you know them to come online and fuel it for you.