What if asteroid belts became more attractive the less they're mined?

Is this where I say…

“Calm down, miner”?

You need to do it in a sexy voice …
… but that won’t calm the miner’s “miner” down …

The “miner”-deprived “asteroids” bulge with anticipation and excitement, ready to burst their thick tasty “ore” out as soon as you provide them with some “stimulation”.

P.S. Succubus needs to be a miner/gas harvesting ship! :smirk_cat:


CCP had an idea once where the asteroid belts as we know them would be replaced with Belt rings that showed up in different places once mined out, can’t remember the full details of it but it was dropped and forgotten.

Not true.

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self-perception vs reality…

I like part of your idea, but make no such claims for implementation. Last night I got nostalgic and went ice mining in a Skiff. I could not fill the hold twice per belt, as I was mining in the company of one other guy blasting down belt after belt with TWENTY TWO characters. Confirmed. Yes, I got screen shots and video because it was, in a way, funny as hell. Terrible game flaw.

That’s pretty racist… why’s it gotta be a human up there?

I was blocked when I used a hamster

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