No asteroid belts in Curse?

Hi there, returning after 7 years. It turned out I had a sweet souped-up ratting ship in Curse, so I thought I might try it out when no one else was in the system and… what’s this? There’s no asteroid belts in the system? Wonder why I parked the ship in this system back then. OK, I’ll check the next system over. No belts there? Check DOTLAN… there are no belts in the entire region. At all. What gives?

Bot miners finally broke the game?

I don’t think so. I don’t mean there are no rocks… I mean there are literally no belts that you can even warp to for ratting.

CCP removed a lot of nullsec belts because of ore scarcity. Curse and Great Wildlands were hit particularly disproportionately hard. The rats are still there, just at gates, planet warp-ins, rarely moon warp-ins, etc.

yes I was wondering the same thing, really disappointing imo

Not really sure about that, but in my vincinity whole belts are swiped clean by NPC fleets most every day.

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Same here. I wish CCP would do something about that nuisance.

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