Will Null Sec Belts ever get asteroids back?

Serious question. Isn’t scarcity over?

Liking the battleship balance changes though.

Mostly good stuff since I took a vacation.

Will Null Sec Belts ever get asteroids back?

I hope not.

But I do hope that they bring back black-out. That wad some ■■■■ right there.

Yes. combined with mass drifter dreadbombs daily on null sec structures. Time to evict the trash.

NS has Asteroid Belts in certain systems, but not in each and every system.

Thank you, OP had me confused because we had several systems with asteroid belts when I just recently left nullsec. The solo miners mined the anoms in systems that didn’t have belts, because then rats wouldn’t appear at certain mining anoms, those only come from belts and warp to the anom. Same with moons in those non-belt systems. No rats.