No more belt rats in Curse?

Is there any logical reason to this?

CCP remoted astroid belts in Curse and many other regions because they turned off asteroid respawn for those during Scarcity. That confused people because they kept finding nothing but empty belt beacons. Instead of fixing that with the start of Prosperity, CCP just didn’t reintroduce these belts again. In order to compensate for the lack of belts as spawn points for belt NPC, they made them spawn in other locations much more frequently (gates, pocos, planets, moons, even acceleration gates of exploration sites).


that’s… odd, interesting I suppose. Is it still possible to go “belt ratting” in curse or is it like, you have to check every moon planet etc now with less frequent spawns than old days in asteroid belts.
I’m keen to do a bit of npc ratting with chance of faction or officer spawn like I did in curse a long time ago.
thanks for reply bud.

You have to check other celestial bodies now, mostly gates and planet warp in spots and potentially available landmarks. Spawns on moons or stations are still rare. Moon belts and Ore/Ice anomalies are also spawn locations.


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