Asteroid belts

So a friend brought to my attention that there are still asteroid belts present in Stain.
In Curse region for example they have all been removed.
Why is this the case? What was the guideline for this?
Why to gimp one NPC region like this and not the other one?

In logic only CCp can understand. they rip stuff out of places where you play and have infrastructure in a ridiculous effort to make you more nomadic. but then, you still need your infrastructure to reprocess and build things. They pulled the same stunt with ice belts. apparently the new eden map is a dartboard in someones office that makes decisions.


The literal reason I won’t sell my ice anymore, keeping stocks for my needs.

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Wonder if that some attempt to make Stain more popular for players?

Good Day dear CCP,

In The “July 2021 Status Update”, you announced the “Increased quantity of all resources across New Eden”
so… - could you back the asteroids Belts into the next Angel regions:

  • Curse
  • Great Wildlands
  • Scalding Pass
  • and others…
    because for some “great” reason the next gameplay was completely destroyed by CCP in these regions:
  • Minerals mining
  • NPC hunting
  • NPC transport ships hunting
  • NPC fraction ships hunting
  • NPC officer ships hunting
  • usual place for PVP
    I’m not sure that this is a good move in the dead Angel regions,
    and it looks like Discrimination…
    Could the CCP explain - Why these activities are available in the Stain, Venal, Delve, Fountain - ???
    and not available in the Curse???

With Best Regards,
Curse region citizen.

The reason they gave was “Belts were empty so there was no reason to keep them”.
Years ago they added Salvation Angels which mined the belts completely. No one wanted to mess with those because they are too OP and there is not really a reason to do that because there is not valuable ORE to mine in Curse region for example. We would just grind standings and they leave us alone. So instead of a nerf to Salvation or even removing them they remove Asteroid belt, makes sense right?
Now we got a situation where we have anoms called Anomaly Ore Site Small Arkonor and Bistot Deposit and Medium Arkonor and Bistot Deposit which are also empty because guess what? They get mined out by guess again … Salvation angels. I will not even mention how this belt removal affected population in Curse, PVP content or anything else for that matter. Maybe next logical move would be to remove Curse region because it is empty anyways.
They have also secretly increased amount of DED rated sites that spawn in Curse.
In 6-7 neighboring system you can find 5-8 plex’s, mostly 8/10 and 7/10 here and there you get 10/10. Still you rarely get any good drops.

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